A “home away from home”

The most important thing to me has been to make sure that our space while on the road is as homely and comfortable as possible. Let’s face it, we will be going from the creature comforts if a 3 bedroom apartment to a small one bedroom apartment on wheels, so the space has to be damn comfy.

The first part I tackled was colours, what did I want to feel when in the space - happy and free spirited is what I came up with. To make this feeling a reality, I created my mood board and began piecing together the colour tones and textures.

What I came up with was something pretty special mixing my love for vintage and boho with a modern twist.

The separation of living and bedroom spaces was my first project, this was a no brainer for me. The use of sheer fabric was the key here making sure the bedroom space is still visible but not prominent from the front door and living/kitchen areas by hanging some curtains. I also carried the sheer curtain look through to the rest of the van windows for consistency. This is such a minor addition but boy has it made a difference - I love it!

For practicality I chose lightweight sheer fabric which has been hung using stretch curtain wire and attached to the ceiling and side walls with self adhesive hooks. To date it has not moved or unhooked whilst in motion - winning!

I have attached some pics of this beautiful space, I hope you love it just as much as I do.

Be sure to follow the rest of my interior design journey over the coming weeks. ♾♾♾



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