'Cow K' - star of Kenilworth Camping 🐮

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It's no secret that Kenilworth is a fave place for us to getaway from the hustle and bustle for a bit. The quaint town in the Sunshine Coast hinterland is well known for its' DONUTS, Kenilworth Dairies and can be a hive of activity each weekend and holidays attracting tourists in droves. This alone started becoming an issue for us when looking for a camp spot away from the crowds and weekend party animals. Don't get me wrong we love to party too, but with some privacy 😁

Camping has become the latest craze and the help of covid with travel restrictions making it the only choice to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. Hip Camp has quickly become the place to be, if you aren't Hip Camping, you're missing out...

A little rundown on Hip Camp - founded by Alyssa Ravasio back in 2013 in California and formerly known as YouCamp. Hipcamp is now the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays. Private landowners list their property via the website/app to campers looking for a quiet getaway without the crowds. From tent camping, caravan parks, cabins, and glamping — everywhere from national parks to blueberry farms. More about Hip Camp.

Back to our story...

Last year we discovered a gorgeous little camp spot, in the heart of Kenilworth that had 5 camp sites, grass, open fires and NO DIRT ROADS. It was awesome. When booking the site, the host filled us in on the local resident Daisy - a 13 year old cow that has been grazing the field since she was a young calf. So it was our responsibility to keep the gate closed at all times and be mindful of her presence. Too easy.

Upon arrival, she was nowhere to be seen except for a few cow paddies here and there you wouldn't know that she existed. A couple of hours later, we were parked up around the fire ready for a night of stargazing, a few ales and some campfire yarns, when she appeared! And Oh My was she a sight for sore eyes 😍

At first glance, we thought that there was something wrong with her... Her bum was so big and bumpy it kind of looked out of sorts. Hence the nickname 'Cow K'.. But nope, she is healthy as ever. Funny enough she just keeps to herself, wants nothing to do with anyone and just wanders the grounds munching on the green grass and resting under the trees.

Our most recent trip was after the last big floods and owner Shane shared a few tales about her swimming across flood waters to higher ground to save herself. She is a bloody legend and officially the Star of Kenilworth Camping 🐮.