Doing laundry in a caravan 🧺

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a washing machine in your caravan, there are some things you should probably change to make sure your machine and plumbing stays squeaky clean...

It wasn't until I'd used our caravan washer a few times that I realised things were a little different. They shouldn't be, right? But they are.

Commercial laundry powders, liquids, soft tabs, fabric softener make for beautifully scented clothes that are as fresh as a daisy. But, did you know that the harsh chemicals and grime combined leave a film on the internals of the machine AND the plumbing!?! Yikes... This alone when left to build up over time, encourages bacteria to grow and in turn a big bad odour develops - yummy 😬. And, good old fabric softener is the worst of them all - stay away from this stuff, trust me you will thank me for it.

"Well how the hell are we supposed to clean our clothes then?" you ask?

Pure soap flakes is the answer. Yep, soap...

Pure soap flakes are biodegradable, greywater friendly, and are suitable for both front- and top-loading washing machines. The all-natural washing flakes will leave your clothes smelling beautiful and fresh and squeaky clean. Another groovy tip is to combine a few drops of Tea Tree or Eucalyptus essential oils to the soap flakes. Not only will their natural anti-bacterial properties make your washing smell amazing, but they’re fantastic for your skin and the environment! WINNING! Plus, it’s even more concentrated than liquid soap (which is mostly water, by the way), and a little bit will last a long time. Think of how many plastic bottles you will avoid by making this one simple switch.

I can say that at first I was a little, yeah will see how it goes kinda thing, but, I was pleasantly surprised. My first washing experience was the towels, which as you know, can hang on to smells and it takes a bit to get them soft. The soap flakes worked a treat! The result was soft, fluffy towels and the smell was really nice. So, I made the switch and I haven't looked back. The washing machine is clean, the clothes are clean, and the plumbing is clean and doesn't get that rank smell anymore from a build up of soap scum.

Give the Pure Soap Flakes a crack - You'll Love Them too, I promise 🤩


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