Hair Cooki: Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Bars?

Product Review: Kym tests and talks about the famous Hair Cooki products

Natural Shampoo & Conditioner - Does it hold up? How does it handle out of control curly hair?

As you know, when you're travelling you need to be conscious about SPACE and making sure that you pack lightly but smartly (not forgetting environmentally friendly too)!

One of the things that springs to mind is all of the bathroom essentials and how much space they take up. If you're like me there's a few things in my toiletry bag that are essentials and I can't live without. One of the most obvious is Shampoo and Conditioner.

My hair is out of control thick, curly and has a mind of its own so haircare has always been something that I can't skimp on. Trust me, if I don't use good stuff, I look like Albert Einstein!

With this in mind, I went on a mission to find the most cost effective, space saving, eco-friendly, curly hair friendly hair products for life on the road in a caravan....

I found Hair Cooki.

In a nutshell, Hair Cooki is a REFILLABLE, PLASTIC FREE SHAMPOO and Conditioner solution that LEAVES HAIR HEALTHY, CLEAN, SOFT, AND SHINY, WITHOUT THE BAD STUFF. 🌱 No Harsh Chemicals 🌱 No Plastic 🌱 Lasts Longer 🌱 Saves Water 🌱 Refillable 🌱 Compact and easy to travel with ✈️ Just Add Water 💦 🇦🇺 🙋‍♀️ Aussie Female Owned

Shampoo: My First Impressions!

When I saw how small and compact the product was, I was impressed. This would be so easy to travel with and wouldn't take up precious space in my caravan bathroom!

I remember thinking to myself "please let this be just as good on my hair as it looks and smells"...

Without hesitation I jumped straight into the shower and tested it out on my out of control hair. I was so pleasantly surprised, it was so freaking amazing. It lathered up very quickly with water and spread a long way. It smelled delicious and I could feel that it was cleaning my hair without any harsh chemicals, it was literally squeaky clean!

Conditioner: Was it just as good?

Totally excited by the shampoo, I was eager to see how the conditioner held up on my hair. Again, it was packaged so compact and it smelled like a summers day.

As soon as I added water and began to lather onto my hair, the bar did its thing and coated my hair in such a delicate way, it detangled and left it feeling really soft and light. Not greasy and weighed down like most other conditioners.

I was so impressed!

Overall: My thoughts

I am rapped, I absolutely love this stuff ♡

Not only does it tick all of the boxes for a #vanlife but it has left my hair feeling so lush and soft it has been a dream to style and my curls are actually looking like curls instead of messy fluffy strands. It also has made straightening my hair a dream 🤩

I can honestly say that you too will love these delicious products, they are so simple and yet so effective you need to try it for yourself to really capture the essence of the product.

If you would like to try for yourself, I have hand picked some of the Hair Cooki products for you. Shop now...


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