Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Oh my gosh, we have finally set the date... But first, let's rewind a little to 2018.

[It is 2018 and we have just purchased our whopping big Supreme Executive Caravan (the big girl) and are about to head to the Goldie (Gold Coast) to pick it up]. To say we were crapping our pants when we rocked up and saw the size of the thing, is an understatement, holy cow it was huge, how the hell were we going to tow it home haha. The hubby's a truck driver so it was all good, but nerve wracking all the same 😂

Prior to then, we (the hubby and I), have been avid campers our entire lives. From kids through to adulthood, we have camped in tents, marquees, under tarps, back of cars, utes, you name it, we have done it!

Our new caravan is our second van, our first being a tiny lady - 14ft Jayco Starcraft. You could say it was the upgrade of all upgrades, the big girl is a massive 26ft with all the bells and whistles - she is to become our home away from home on the road travelling around Oz.

A few hold-ups and delays in our plans, but fast forward to today and we are finally putting the final plans together to pack up the house and ping off in January 2022. HOW EXCITING!

So, sit back, subscribe to the blog, follow us on socials as we document the lead up and then our journey around Oz. I guarantee it will be full of truth, funny stories, hot tips and tricks and best of all epic pics of our stunning country.

Cheers and thanks for following ;)


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